Show Breeder- AKA “Preservation Breeder”.

A show breeder or preservation breeder is someone who actively shows their dogs in conformation AKC events. Showing your dogs in conformation is having your breeding stock judged for soundness, correct breeding and health. Show breeders educate themselves by attending breeding seminars, working closely with reproduction veterinarians and working together with their breed club members in understanding and learning how to purposely breed healthy, correct Maltese dogs.


Backyard Breeder “BYB”

A backyard breeder is someone who breeds puppies to sell for profit, but doesnt have their breeding stock judged in dog shows or health tested.  The backyard breeder typically does not show their dogs, but will buy other show breeders champions, so as to come off as a reputable breeder. Many backyard breeders will brag about the “champion bloodlines” in their pedigree’s of their dogs, while vehemently putting down the breeders who actually have done the showing, claiming its “cruel” or “too Political”.


Puppy Mill

Puppy mills are where ALL of the pet store puppies come from. They are large facilities where dogs are produced in mass quantities upwards of 200 to 1000’s of dogs. They are forced to breed their whole lives until they are physically incapable. At that time, the dogs are either sold to other breeders, left on the side of the road, neglected, or even killed. The dogs spend twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week in cages, with often little to no contact with people or the outside world. Most are sick and left in unsanitary conditions with very poor socialization skills.

Many times puppy mills have fancy websites claiming designer mixes or “teacups” or “Micro-tiny”. Be very careful of buying a dog over the internet. Your breeder should be able to speak with you, have a name, address, phone number and all of the real life contacts that normal people have. Dont let a cute bow or dress fool you into buying a puppy from a website. Your breeder should be your mentor and friend. Ask them plenty of questions and if they balk, then you need to run.

Please click on this link to view the pet stores and the puppy mills who provide them.