I have some very special VERY TINY pups available to a pet home. These pups will be best suited to a quiet home with no young children or large pets. These tinies are perfect for a retired person who likes to bring their purse pup with them where they go! Only for the discriminating buyer.

**Please speak to your significant other and get their consent for purchase prior to contacting me. 

As a show breeder, I breed for myself first. If I have a litter with a puppy that I feel is show quality, I do keep it for my show program FIRST  and do not place in a pet home. A completed questionnaire must be submitted prior to approval.

  maltese puppy puppies teacup t-cup

If you are interested in a puppy, please contact me about being placed on my waiting list. You must complete a questionnaire prior to approval. The questionnaire is located under the New Maltese Puppy Info tab or click here.

Please note: Most of my puppies sell very quickly. I receive many emails and calls on a regular basis. If your serious about purchasing a Maltese puppy from Bella Dolce Maltese, please be prepared to be placed on my waiting list. I do not have puppies every day of the week and good things come to those who wait! 🙂  There is no time frame guaranteed when being placed on my wait list, as we are dealing with Mother Nature. Most puppies are not offered until they are evaluated for show/pet. This can range anywhere from 8 weeks to 6 months of age.

While your waiting, please review the different articles and links on my website. Write a list of questions for me to answer so that we may establish communication. Most answers to basic questions new Maltese puppy families ask, can be found on my website.

Thanks for looking!
Please call for more information.  (602) 321-2198