When scheduling appointments, please be courteous and prompt. As not only a breeder, caretaker, groomer, mother and wife, I am a very busy person. Arriving 15 minutes or more late, will throw off my entire days scheduling. I often have appointments lined up on the hour and I like to give each and every client my full attention for the entire hour.

Please plan accordingly and manage your time wisely. I will give you the same respect.

Thank you for understanding.

When you arrive at my house, please park in the street and walk up my driveway to my front door. If you have a disability that prohibits you from walking up my driveway, please let me know in advance so that I can allow you driveway access. This needs to be planned in advance.


I do not offer puppy visits at this time, until my Maltese puppies are ready to leave. If you would like to facetime, we can arrange that. By appointment only.