1. Prices are non-negotiable and vary depending on sex and size. I am not a budget breeder.
  2. I do NOT place my tinies in families with small children or large dogs.
  3. Maltese puppies sold are limited AKC registration unless going to a show home.
  4. Show puppies are only sold to an established show home or to an approved home with references and a local mentor.
  5. I do NOT sell my puppies with breeding rights only.
  6. Maltese puppies must be paid for in CASH.  A $200 deposit will hold a puppy for you. I do not hold puppies without a deposit!
  7. Please note: All deposits are Non-Refundable. By sending deposit, you are acknowledging that you have read, understand & fully agree with the contract & all amendments listed. Also, that you fully acknowledge that you are sending a non-refundable deposit. 
  8. Your signature on check and or your payment of any monies will serve as your binding agreement to Bella Dolce Maltese contracts.
  9. Due to the high demand of my Maltese puppies, I have to keep a waiting list. There is no time frame guaranteed when being placed on my wait list, as we are dealing with Mother Nature. Most puppies are not offered until they are evaluated for show/pet. This can range anywhere from 8 weeks to 6 months of age. Repetitive emails & phone calls will not assist in expediting the process. I will contact you when a puppy becomes available and send pictures as I take them. I keep a very detailed puppy waiting list and know exactly where my clients sit on it and what they are looking for, provided their application has been completed accurately.
  10. Once a puppy is offered to you, you have 12-24 hours to make a decision before I move on to the  next buyer. Puppies do not leave my home until they are at least 12 weeks old.


  1. $200 non-refundable deposit to be placed on my waiting list to hold your place in line. A completed questionnaire is also required.
  2. Your puppy must be paid for in full by the time the puppy is eligible to leave my home at 12 weeks. Cash is the accepted method of payment. Puppies leave my home between 3 and 6 moths of age. If you want a “young” puppy, I am not the breeder for you. Most Maltese puppies are still nursing by 9-10 weeks of age, so your choice to take a puppy from its mother early for your own gratification is cruel.

All of my Maltese puppies are vaccinated, preventatively de-wormed & Vet checked. The puppies are lovingly raised in my home and socialized with my dogs and our family, friends & visitors. The puppies are piddle pad trained and will be groomed prior to pick up.