1. Please arrive on time!
  2. When arriving at my home, please park in the street. I live on a hill, so wear comfortable shoes and walk up the driveway to my front door. If you are disabled or unable to walk uphill, please let me know IN ADVANCE, so that I can move the cars in the driveway.
  3. You can text me when you arrive, but my doorbell does work. Dont be afraid to use it. 
  4. I do not allow outside dogs in my home. Please do not bring your pets from home.
  5. I accept Cash only when picking up your puppy. Please be prepared.
  6. Please bring a small carrying bag or crate to travel with your puppy back home.
  7. I will go over all of your Maltese puppy’s vaccine schedule, Veterinarian health check up, Nutrition and feeding as well as safety and grooming. I recommend bringing paper and pen to take notes.
  8. Please bring a list of questions that you may have. I am happy to educate you and answer any questions regarding your Maltese puppy and its care.
  9.  I no longer offer puppy visits prior to pick up.