Here is a list of mandatory items you will need BEFORE picking up your new Maltese puppy:

  1. Nutri-cal Paste.
  2. Health Extensions Little Bites (Chicken & Brown Rice)     Click the link to order! If you use this coupon code every time your order your food directly from Health Extensions, you will get a discount!   BELLADOLCEMALTE
  3. Nuvet vitamins Bella Dolce code #765802
  4. Canned Pumpkin (NOT pumpkin pie filling).
  5. 6 panel Iris x-pen (Buy the 4 panel pen with the 2 panel add-on) OR  Seabreeze Petite Pen (I recommend the 18×24  6 or 8 panel
  6. Washable potty pads (Your going to need more than one. Trust me.)
  7. If you prefer to use disposable potty pads, you will need this Potty Pad Holder.
  8. Small crate or Sturdi-pet bag for traveling home.
  9. Waterer   or  Water Float
  10. OR
  11. Feeder or Flat bottom Heavy Pet bowls  
  12. Dog Bed(s). You may want to buy one for your office, bedroom and family room. You can find great inexpensive pet beds at TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Ross or “California Dogs”  –  Please tell her that I referred you!
  13. XXS Harness– As your puppy grows you will need to get a larger size. This one is great too- harness link.
  14. Dog Collar with embroidered ID  (leather)  OR  Reflective Collar  OR Identification tags with collar

Other items that would be good to have on hand:

(These items are good to keep on your pantry shelf should you need them. Most new puppies will NOT need this, but better to be safe than sorry!!)

This is for Hypoglycemia:

Oral Syringe 

Gerber jar baby food– Chicken  (for hypoglycemia issues only)

Gerber Baby Rice Cereal. (for hypoglycemia issues only)

Low sodium Chicken broth.


Please check the Maltese Helpful Links page for other websites for ordering topknot bands, or other Maltese specific items.