Here is a list of mandatory items you will need BEFORE picking up your new Maltese puppy:

Nutri-cal Paste. 

Dog Food. I will update you on what the puppy is currently eating prior to pick up.

6 panel Iris x-pen (Buy the 4 panel pen with the 2 panel add-on)

Washable potty pads (Your going to need more than one. Trust me.)

Waterer and Feeder or Flat bottom Heavy Pet bowls

Water Float

Dog Bed(s). You may want to buy one for your office, bedroom and family room. You can find great inexpensive pet beds at TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Ross or “California Dogs” –

XXS Harness– As your puppy grows you will need to get a larger size.

Identification tags!


Other items that would be good to have on hand:

Oral Syringe 

Gerber jar baby food- Chicken.

Gerber Baby Rice Cereal.

Low sodium Chicken broth.