When Purchasing your Maltese Puppy from my home:

Cash is the preferred method of payment. If you are picking up your Maltese puppy at my home, please arrive prepared, especially if you plan on arriving on a Sunday. Please do not pay with a personal check. It will be refused.

If you are having your Maltese puppy shipped to you, I offer this payment method:

  1. Paypal. You must select to have your money sent “to friends or family”. If send your money “paying for goods and services”, your money will either be refunded or you will pay the difference. Please send as requested so as to not hold up getting your puppy.
  2. Zelle. Inquire for information. Zelle has a limit on how much cash can be transferred each day. Sundays are not considered a business day for zelle and some monies may not transfer on a Sunday.Please plan for this. Your puppy will not leave until it is paid off in full!

Placing a Deposit on a Maltese Puppy:

I do NOT hold puppies without a deposit. I accept deposits for my Maltese puppies that are less than 12 weeks old, with the remainder due upon pick up when they are ready to leave my home. Deposits are non-refundable. Please be sure this is what you want. Zelle or Paypal/Sending Money to Friends or Family only.

Any puppies or dogs that are over 12 weeks of age, must be paid for in full. If you cannot pick up your Maltese puppy when they are ready to leave, typically 12 weeks old, $10 per day boarding fee’s may incur. No cash refunds are given if you change your mind on purchasing your Maltese Puppy.

Scheduling Visits or Pick up:

Any appointments to meet with me, visit your puppy or pick up your puppy must be done during the day. I do not make evening appointments.