I have a few adults that I will be retiring in 2023.

“Kyra” – I would prefer that she go to a home with a quiet environment, prefer a retired woman and no children or other pets. You must be someone with a good sense of dog training and behavior and completely  understands the Maltese. She loves only one person at a time. She can be independent and has the ability to sneak out and escape from the smallest areas (usually to try to get where you are or where she wants to investigate.). She prefers women. Application must be on file. Please  tell me about yourself and why you think you would be a good fit.

I only place my babies with approved homes and someone that I have gotten to know.

Please understand that retired champion breeders will take a bit of readjustment to living in a new home with new surroundings. Patience  and understanding are key.

My dogs have been trained to use a potty pad. They have been unaltered most of their lives. Most people dont understand that unaltered dogs produce hormones and  breeding dogs mark their territory to let the others in the pack know they are preparing for birth or breeding.