Waiting list is currently full and closed.

Please feel free to contact me after January 2023  for availability or keep watching if my wait list opens up.

I cannot guarantee when a puppy will be available for you. Please understand that my waiting list can be anywhere from 1month to over a year depending on what you are looking for. I no longer offer puppy visits prior to pick up! Why? Because I have experienced too many accidents caused by potential puppy parents. It is not worth it to me to risk my young puppies health for the visit. This is to provide the best, healthiest puppy for you in the end. There are many phases of Maltese  puppy development. The 12 weeks the puppies are with me, they sleep thru the first 6 weeks! The following 6 weeks, they play a little, interact with their littermates and sleep a lot.  The Maltese puppy starts to blossom just after 12 weeks which is when you will have him in your care.

A $500 non-refundable deposit is necessary to be placed on my waiting list. This money is applied towards the cost of your puppy and holds your place in line until a puppy becomes available. Being on my waiting list does not guarantee first choice of puppy.  When I offer you a puppy, you have until the end of the day to give me your answer, before I move to the next person in line.

Repetitive phone calls or emails will not assist in expediting the process!

I look forward to working with you and getting to know you. PLEASE do not take the time to interview with me and  send me a deposit if you plan on shopping around for a puppy that is more convenient for you or ready at an earlier time. I am not a Maltese Vending machine. Raising quality, beautiful Maltese takes time. Nature takes time. Mothers are pregnant for 9 weeks. The puppies stay with their mothers for 12 weeks.  I do not hold puppies for months so you can go on a last minute vacation. Please plan ahead. I try to communicate to you when I will have puppies ready for you. I expect he same from you should your plans change. 

If you do not wish to place a waiting list deposit, please check back with me at a later date. I have multiple inquiries every day for my puppies and I do have a waiting list throughout the year. Please do not ask to be placed on my waiting list if you have no intention of getting a puppy from me.

Please note: If you are on my waiting list, I do know that you are waiting for a puppy. I contact you when puppies are mature enough and when I can offer you something. I will not forget about you. Once you have a completed application and deposit with me, I keep a file for you with notes from our conversations, etc.  My waiting list files sit next to my computer and I review them regularly and they are kept in strict order. Please know that I am on top of things with my waiting list. Weekly emails or phone calls to “check in” are completely unnecessary as I cannot speed up growth and development of puppies. 

Please note: All deposits are Non-Refundable.By sending deposit, you are acknowledging that you have read, understand & fully agree with the contract & all amendments. Also, that you fully acknowledge that you are sending a non-refundable deposit.